September 15, 2022


It’s been FOUR years since our last show and we can’t wait to be back on stage toe share life and music with our audience members again. Our latest show ANTHOLOGY coincides with Tapestry’s 10th anniversary and will feature our reflections on the power of music and the arts to help us feel, heal, escape, imagine, travel, and live. We celebrate how important music and the arts were in our lives during the long months of the pandemic and in lockdown.

In the intimate setting of the heritage mansion, Rumah Tangsi, in Kuala Lumpur, the show will include pop, rock, jazz and music theatre numbers that evoke nostalgia or tell stories about life and relationships – sung a cappella or with a live three-piece band.

Part of the proceeds from ANTHOLOGY will go towards Shalom House, an orphanage in Puchong.


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